Who is Chico Rental Listing?

Chico Rental Listing was founded by former students of Calfornia State University Chico who were frustrated with the difficulty of finding rental housing. As renters and as students, we realized the huge deficit between what was available online and what was really needed for owners and renters to get together.

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Our Mission

To provide property owners and renters in the Chico area a quality, well maintained and successful system for locating, finding and researching rental housing.

Our Principles


We believe in using only the best and newest of technology. When developing our listing system we not only researched what was currently being offered, but we got the input of property managers, renters, owners and database design experts.

We not only believe in using the best technology, but we believe in practicing the best techniques. We pride ourselves on the skill and expertise that is put forth in designing, maintaining and developing our systems.

We believe in the old fashion principle of honesty. We want our customers to believe in not only our product, but our business practices as well.

We aren't a sales driven company. We are a business simply providing a much needed service to much appreciative customer. We provide a helpful solution to a problem.

Our website is not only made to meet today's demands. We look ahead and provide on-going updates, upgrades and innovations. We believe that in today's business environment, this is the only way to continually provide your customers with a service they need.